Business FAQ

What is a Professional Employer Organisation (PEO)?

A PEO is the employer of large workforce on behalf of many small businesses, taking away the burden faced by business owners when making employment decisions. Services provided by PEOs include HR, payroll, compliance and employee benefits.

How much does it cost to use Simployable?

$75 per employee per month, plus GST.

How can Simployable provide this service so cheap?

Simployable employs over 4,000 workers across Australia so is able to utilise its economies of scale to deliver the ultimate end-to-end employment solution for Australian businesses. By combining the employees of several small businesses into one large pool, PEOs can offer business owners significant savings compared to traditional employment models.

What amount will I be invoiced each pay period?

Each business will be invoiced the wages, superannuation, workers comp levy, payroll tax and Simployable fee for their Simployable workers. These amounts will be itemised in each invoice.

What is the process to fill a vacancy using Featured Jobs?

Step 1 – Create your business profile

Step 2 – Tell us who you need

Step 3 – We look after the search, screen, interviewing, referencing and shortlist

Step 4 – We send a shortlist to you to rate and accept/decline

Step 5 – We finalise the employment contract

How much does it cost to use Featured Jobs?

A fixed fee of $725 plus GST which includes advertising costs, searching, screening, interviewing and shortlisting for one Simployable worker. Discounts for volume recruiting.

Do I have to use Featured Jobs?

No. If you have already found your Simployable worker, there are no setup fees to use this service.

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