Business FAQ

Are all Simployees temporary staff?

Simployees are, by default, casual workers and are paid a casual loading of 25%.

What industries does Simployable hire for?

Simployable operates across all industries but are well regarded as hospitality, retail and fast food industry experts.

What happens if I want to hire a Simployee permanently?

Simployees can be made permanent by mutual agreement.

How much does it cost to use Simployable?

There is a 15% Service fee for casual Simployees to use Simployable. However, we also offer voluem discounts and permanent placement fees. Contact us to find out more.

What is the process to fill a vacancy using Featured Jobs?

Step 1 – Create your business profile

Step 2 – Tell us who you need

Step 3 – We look after the search, screen, interviewing, referencing and shortlist

Step 4 – We send a shortlist to you to rate and accept/decline

Step 5 – We finalise the employment contract

Step 6 – We contact your new starter with day 1/onboarding details

Step 7 – Your new Simployee fills out their timesheet, gets it approved and gets paid weekly

Step 8 – The business is invoiced weekly

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