Workers FAQ

What industries does Simployable hire for?

Simployable operates across all industries but are well regarded as hospitality, retail and fast food industry experts.

How do I get paid?

Simployees are paid weekly into your nominated bank account, but also have access to Instapay.

In what ways am I better off being a Simployee?

Control your own schedule and balance your work and life. Maximise your earnings by picking up extra work.

What is Instapay?

Instapay gives you access to your earned wages (hours already worked) before your payday. Instapay aims to reduce the number of Australians relying on payday loans and credit cards to meet financial commitments. You can access up to $250 a week for a $2 fee.

What about annual leave and personal leave?

Simployees are, by default, casual workers and are paid a casual loading of 25% in lieu of paid annual and personal leave. Simployees can be made permanent by mutual agreement, where paid annual and personal leave would apply.

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